About H&H

haleyWelcome welcome! Thanks for stopping by and poking around the blog. As the title suggests, the purpose of this site is to express some of my personal and professional opinions, and matters of the heart while recording my journey through some DIY projects, creative recipes, and managing a household of two.

I’m the middle child of three sisters and I absolutely adore spending time with those two ladies. Much of my health and wellness inspiration comes from my oldest sister, while my love for design and the arts comes from my little sister. Both have been such influences on my life, especially as an adult and wife to my partner.

threeMy husband and I relocated from the Classic City of Athens, GA and we’re giving it a go at home ownership! You will see lots of DIY (attempts!), home décor and design ideas, pictures of us exploring our new town, and reviews and feedback on new products we’re trying out as homeowners. Being used to the busy lifestyle of a college town like Athens, I find myself exploring my inner me and staying in touch with my love for writing fiction. I just finished a first draft and am hoping to explore publication soon!

tylerI practice as a therapist in town, and boy do I have stories! But those aren’t for sharing 🙂 However, you will see my thoughts and feedback on current practices and research. I practice from a holistic approach, and enjoy incorporating basic meditative practice and nutrition into my sessions.

I love to laugh (especially at myself) so don’t take anything on here too seriously. Feel free to leave comments and feedback anytime! Please follow me on Pinterest for more ideas!

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