easy peasy grapefruit squeezy

grapefruitOnce upon a time, there was a prince husband who loved gin and tonics. He loved the bubbly tonic water and the tangy limes, but most of all, he loved the gin. One day, he noticed the kingdom was all out of limes! They were nowhere to be found and had been eaten by the princess when she made delicious jalapeno lime chicken the night before. So the prince resigned to sitting down and watching football with no G & T’s. He was very sad.

“Don’t worry!” The princess said. She was quite resourceful and was determined to replace the prince’s pout with a smile. “I have an idea.”

And so she set out to  create a new, fun drink for the prince and he was very happy. She found a grapefruit on the highest shelf, and sliced it in half. She squeezed out all the bright pink juice into a cup, added some gin, and then the fizzy water. But it was not tasty, and the prince said “Yuck!”

“I have a better idea!” said the princess. She squeezed all the juice out of the other grapefruit half, added vodka this time, and then the bubbly tonic water.

“It’s delicious!” said the prince, and they were very happy. The end.

For those not into quirky children’s stories, here’s the recipe 🙂

Easy Peasy Grapefruit Squeezy 

1/2 grapefruit, squeezed
1 oz vodka
tonic water

Pour grapefruit juice into a rocks glass, add vodka and stir. Add ice and fill to top with tonic water. Get creative using flavored vodkas!

Relax in your kingdom with a simple, refreshing, seasonal adult beverage. You can use any citrus really, and it will only get better as the winter produce selection rolls around. It’s simple and easy, and requires little to no bartending skills! It’s also super low in sugars so if you’re going to drink, this isn’t a bad choice. And also don’t read this story to your kids.


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